Bully No More


Bullying as we all know as a repeated, persistent and aggressive behavior intended to cause fear, distress, or harm to another person's body, emotions, self-esteem or reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at how dangerous can this get, especially for children who are serious in their lives.

Generally, not only children but adults also face the ordeals of being bullied. There are numerous reasons why bullying still persists actively in our society. Especially nowadays social media tends to be a bigger reason for this whole reality. It continues to cause children emotional trauma and stress. However, bullying should come to a stop when it comes to the education arena.

At PACE, we care for the students community and here we are, sharing a few tips to keep such bullies at bay:

Stay Aware

Bullies know exclusion is a control technique. So keeping you ‘out’ of the group keeps them in-and ahead of the game. Ostracizing causes introspection and fear because we perceive exclusion from others in our peer group as being as harmful to our survival as something that can physically hurt us. Maybe we are not cool enough or smart enough for any specific group invitation. Deliberate exclusion is a smart but cruel manipulative technique, so don’t let it work against you by falling for it.

Be Independent

Other people who believe themselves to be ‘active and talked about’ are often embarrassed talking about exclusion so they won’t do so willingly. Also, we can learn how to be our own person without relying on others.

Never Be Distressed

Remember, bullies, are imaginative and have been known to ‘make up events’ to cause deliberate confusion and embarrassment. Their modus operandi is to paint you in an unfavorable light. Be ahead of them. It's ok to be vulnerable at times but not with bullies or they'll see that as a weakness.

Confide More

Exclusion is an insidious and dangerous thing. Don’t help the bully by telling friends you think you are being dropped. Voicing your fears will probably have the opposite effect to what you want. Out of self-preservation in a competitive world, they will probably start avoiding you too.

Say No To Excuses

Don’t play into the bully’s hands by not turning up to social situations that you are a party to. It will give ample reason to exclude you from those important events that might hold the key to your future career. Keep your confidence at its best.

Positivity Wins

What are some things you plan to do that will set you apart? Then keep focused on your objectives and strive to achieve them. The best weapon against bullies is when nothing they're doing really matters to you. Don’t let their cruelty stop you from forging forward and achieving your dreams.

In the end, keep in mind the bigger goal that you are preparing hard to crack IIT-Medical examinations.It is a competitive world out there, and it would be best that you concentrate on your future aims and goals and protect your mental as well as emotional well-being in the process. Life will test you through various pressure tactics like bullying, ragging, teasing and various other methods of domination, we would request you retain your mental composure, seek out various institutional support at necessary cross-roads and carry on towards your goal.