Future of Learning


Hardest roads lead to the greatest destinations.

We at PACE IIT & MEDICAL, believe in turning dreams into realities with the highest quality of education. At PACE, we have always believed in providing to our students the next level of learning; with small classroom concept, interactive learning methods and PACE PANACEA, we do believe we have the right ecosystem for our students to thrive. As students aiming for 2020, repeater or otherwise, time is ripe to hit the bull’s eye with the right time management and skills.

Challenges will come one after the other, but nothing is impossible! If you follow the right routine then any ambition isn’t so hard to achieve. To all the IIT-Medical aspirants, we would like to share the best tips to turn 2020 into a successful year.

We will help you with the ultimate timetable for 2020’s preparation that can help you organize better.

1. Be in tune with the latest syllabus

To crack any examination, one should know the syllabus in and out, to focus on which subject and topic need your attention the most.

2. Manage your time well

Time management is everything. Preparations can get hard on your mind and emotions. Take out some ‘Me’ time to stay refreshed and energized.

3. Don’t underestimate your doubts

Do not neglect any topic just because you find it hard, this is especially for the IIT and Medical students. It is important to know the basics of all the subjects and chapters before you start solving the test papers.

4. Solve as many test papers as you can

With every test paper, you solve, reduce the chances of errors and increase the performance.

5. Note down your mistakes

Regular review of a mistake always helps, so that you learn from them and not repeat them any further. It will also help in not committing an error on the final day.

6. Prepare notes

Making notes and reviewing them can be one of the best exercises for any preparation. You can remember the longest while you write and jot down important points.

7. Be confident

Self-belief is the key to success, this attitude will lead you towards strong preparation and great results. Don’t miss out, this will also freeze your chances of an ambitious and competent future.

8. Consistency throughout

To stay ahead, one needs to be consistent always. Make it a habit to complete targets until you succeed. The consistent practice, consistent effort, consistent achievements will help you reach a little closer to your goal.

9. Choose the best tutor

With a hundred coaching centers all around, students can get confused. Be sure you choose the best coaching and the best tutor to study for the finals.

Let’s make the future brighter where the goals go beyond the confined territories of your own mind. The future is here, so let’s start preparing for it together!